Xerox eConcierge

Xerox eConcierge® is a free warranty program for your qualifying printers.

Free lifetime warranty for your printer

Plus discount on your toners.
Who wouldn't want that?

With Xerox eConcierge, you receive free lifetime maintenance and service repair of your Xerox printers and automatic supply monitoring and ordering — a $1,675* benefit per printer.

Best of all? There's no contract. Simply sign up and download the Supplies Assistant app to your computer and let Xerox eConcierge take it from there.

You can even use your existing printer so there's no need to upgrade your printer to qualify.

How it Works

Xerox eConcierge® is a free warranty program for your qualifying Xerox® Printer(s) available through your participating Xerox eConcierge® provider. The program includes free repair of your printers and free automatic supply monitoring and reordering.

  1. Once you enroll in the eConcierge® Free Lifetime Warranty Program, you’ll be prompted to download the Supplies Assistant.
  2. The Supplies Assistant will monitor the supply levels of all the printers on your network and send you an automatic alert when they run low.
  3. In 60 seconds and a few clicks your toner order is placed and on its way.
  4. Activate your lifetime warranty simply by using eConcierge® for a minimum of 30 days and by ordering two eligible supply items for each qualifying Xerox® printer.
  5. Maintain your lifetime warranty by continuing to order supplies as needed through the eConcierge® Supplies Assistant. It's that easy.

What do you get in return?

  • Free lifetime service repair for your printer.
  • With supplies always on hand and notifications to remind you to order, you'll never run out again.
  • Fast, free overnight shipping directly to your door.
  • No commitment — cancel at anytime.
  • Discounts up to 20% on your toners.