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Comfortable chairs for every office need!

Our line of office chairs, Echo, Zuma, Aura, and Dune offer the best comfort, durability, and features for the best price on the market.

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  • Always read and follow assembly instructions.
  • Carefully read the user hang tag on how to operate the chair.
  • Always ensure that each component is installed in the proper order.
  • Always check to see that casters and pneumatic cylinders are inserted completely.
  • Annually inspect your chair for loose or worn parts.
  • Always keep the base of your chair completely on the floor.
  • Do not sit or stand on the arms of your chair.


  • The Jupiter (JUP) series offers the following warranty based on an 8 hour, single-shift work day and when user is in compliance with recommended chair weight restrictions. For individual chair weight restrictions, please refer to the specific chair model.

Standard Warranty

  • Metal frames & non-moving metal parts 5 years
  • Upholstery 2 years
  • Pneumatic cylinders 3 years
  • Casters, bases, arms, chair mechanisms 3 years


  • This warranty is based on an eight hour, single-shift work day only for users weighting up to 250 pounds (114 kg).
  • Zeus Chair
    • Metal frames & non-moving metal parts 10 years


  • This is a stock product. Although every effort will be made to maintain stock at all times, we cannot guarantee availability.
  • All items in this series ship unassembled in a carton unless noted “FULL CARTON”, in which case they will ship assembled in a carton.