Standard Offices

Innovation Series

Quality, choice and value are key ingredients that define the Innovations Series.

Combining high quality furniture with an abundance of components and finishes to choose from, along with our exceptional “in stock”, next day delivery advantage, makes this the perfect choice for your office or workspace.


388 Series

Our most popular series to date, the 388 Series provides a solution for nearly every office furniture 'challenge'. With over 800 components and ~20 finishes to choose from, 388 should be your first choice for flexibility, style, choice and…durability. The 388 Series is also a compatible match to our Innovations series available through Heartwood Distributors (HDL).


600 Series

You can rely on this “Executive Series” for eye-catching details and exceptional build quality. Featuring a 1½" top along with your choice of a non-fluted or fluted edge detail, this series provides everything you need to furnish your office space to the highest standards. Extremely versatile with nearly 650 components and ~20 finishes to choose from, the 600 Series will provide you with rock-solid performance for years to come.

For the manager’s office, imagine being able to create a workspace that meets your needs in terms of space and practical storage. This free-standing and completely modular line offers optimal flexibility, easy setup and simple configurations.

Versatile in both form and function, this furniture enables you to effortlessly transform an individual office into a collaborative space. With this versatile, customizable desk, create an environment that will boost your employees’ productivity!